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Lou Lou Childs was founded by Laura McGuire, a freelance photographer living in Melbourne, Australia.

Born and raised in the grassland plains of Canada; nature, travel and dreams have been a major inspiration in the development of her photography. Focusing on portraits, the freedom of travel and the uniqueness of individuals, she hopes to express an interesting view of the world we live in.

Laura studied Digital and Independent Filmmaking in Vancouver and proceeded to specialize in  Cinematography.  Laura has won many accolades, including best cinematography for the MAD Film Festival in 2007 and has been published both locally and internationally in magazines such as Inpress, BeatThe West Ender, Beatroute Mag and The Alchemist Magazine.

Laura has recently found a love for weddings, and as such, has opened a new chapter for her photography.  Her wedding company, Had To Be You Weddings, can be found at