I am so excited that we have found each other. I would absolutely love the opportunity to get to know you a lil’ bit better, and for you to get to know me. In the meanwhile, this is me in a nutshell:

I am from Canada, a little town called Athabasca. I grew up playing in the wheat fields, swimming in ponds and catching frogs.

My love for photography sprouted at the young age of 9 when my Dad gave me my first point-and-shoot camera. My friends and I would do “fashion” shoots and I would spend all of my allowance developing my film. I used to “play” with my parents old photo albums, imagining what it would be like to live back then. I was enamoured by film and how photography could capture moments in time. It was like I was a time traveller.

When I was 18, I moved from the vast prairies to the coastal city of Vancouver to pursue my love of filmmaking. I studied digital film, independent filmmaking and went on to specialize in Cinematography. I worked in the bustling film industry of BC for about 5 years before I decided to dip my toes in other ponds around the world. I grabbed my 35mm camera and backpacked around Cuba, exploring the warm and beautiful culture that was also stuck in time.

My love of travel and capturing moments has not waned, and I now live in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia.

I spend a lot of my time going on adventures, telling stories and exploring the beauty of Australia. My main hobby is making people laugh (the ugly cry kind) and making those around me feel loved and special. I have been told that I make people feel super comfortable in their skin, which is the compliment of a life-time.

I have also recently found a love for weddings, and as such, have opened a new chapter for my photography.  My wedding company, Had To Be You Weddings, can be found at www.htbyweddings.com